World Building Month: Day 1

Today is August 1st, and Eliza’s world building month has started. So far there are 14 people who signed up – that is, including both the organizer and of course myself.

I don’t want to pre-empt Eliza – she’ll keep tabs on people and presumably post some sort of summary – but of course I’ll want to comment on what’s happening, as it’s happening. Don’t think I’ll be able to post something daily, but we’ll see.

So far, there have been a couple ofHello Worldtype articles. Besides this, Eliza has posted a summary of what she intends to build: A world called “the black” which is plunged into deep darkness for long periods, reminiscent of Nightfall and – the very different but surprisingly entertaining, relatively speaking – Pitch Black. It’s a neat premise and it’ll be fun to see how it turns out.

I am assuming most of the other participants are based in the Americas, and will probably post during the evenings. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what develops during this month.

7 thoughts on “World Building Month: Day 1

  1. Well… sortof. 🙂 'The Black' is a time of day, actually. The world isn't named. I thought I'd give some premise as to why no one was on the surface before I got to the city that I'll be detailing.

  2. sigh My apologies. What can I say, I suffer from chronic information overload, and should really be in bed now anyway. 😉

  3. indeed this should be fun. Eliza's world does sound really cool – tbh I never thought about comparing it to the world in 'Pitch Black'.
    I'm so excited about World Building Month, I'm doing my rounds, checking sites three times a day for updates from everybody. This is better reading than any writing book money could buy, imo 🙂

  4. Pitch Black got the basic cosmology from Nightfall, though the story has nothing to do with Asimov's. I didn't expect to like the movie, and it's no Alien, but for a "dumb action movie" it's pretty neat. I really liked the visuals – the rising gas giant, the different colored suns and how they bathe the landscape in colored light, and so on. The suspense about the monsters is also pretty good for the first half of the movie… overall I think it's not a waste of time to watch it.

    Just don't try to figure out how the planet's ecology is supposed to work.

    I'll have to thank Kaya for drawing my attention to World Building Month. These days I oftentimes find it hard to find much energy and motivation to work on my projects, but having a group of peers really helps.

    So, well, thanks Kaya and everybody else. 🙂

  5. Nice of you to compile all the entries so far. The only thing I would add in defense of my entry, is that it sets up a novel that is already written and submitted. I'm just about to start book two. Maybe, with some luck, it will go the distance and make print. 🙂

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