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World Building Month: Day 2

It’s still the weekend and I’ll get away with spending a lot of time on this world-building thing. So let’s take a quick look at what else has been happening.

Eliza has added an underground city to her world of darkness (which is not called The Black, silly me). She even posted a sort of schematic of the layout of Vastii. which I quite like for its “cave drawing” style.

Saint know-all has been working on details of a dragon-like species, known as the “taal“. Nice fresh take on them, I am not even sure I’d really call them “dragons”, but I guess “dragon” is, in a way, as general a term as “monster”.

RG Sanders introduced Arbiture, a dysmal place inhabited by – if I got this right – fallen “angelic” (very powerful) beings, who are now warring endlessly among themselves.

Cirellio has begun to build a planet called Cirellioland Lura. Lura has some funky stuff going on with electromagnetism. I’ll definitely want to see how that pans out. For my part, I try to avoid messing with the laws of physics as much as I can, except of course for fantasy worlds and even there it’s just to include magic and fire-breathing lizards and the like.

Ken Kiser started off with a creation myth for his world, which, if I understand correctly, is a setting for a novel he’s writing. Or rather, it looks more like an explanation for magic than a real creation myth, as the humans and the world already existed when this tale took place.

Finally, Aeronwy has created a world called Tria – something which she says she wouldn’t have done without world building month. And she seems to have discovered the joy of being a deity. And if nothing else came from World Building Month, this alone would make it a success. 🙂

8 thoughts on “World Building Month: Day 2

  1. oops… I posted my comment on day one instead of here at day two. So, I'll post it again here.

    Nice of you to compile all the entries so far. The only thing I would add in defense of my entry, is that it sets up a novel that is already written and submitted. I’m just about to start book two. Maybe, with some luck, it will go the distance and make print. 🙂

  2. Ken – Why defense? No need for that! It's fine, I just thought it read like it was not a creation myth in a classical sense 🙂

    I think it's good that you write that sort of stuff up. My worlds are usually severely lacking in the mythology department, and that is quite unfortunate. I shall try hard to do some mythology creation as well, as part of creating Arnâron.

  3. Thanks, Aeronwy, it'll ebb off quite soon when I got to spend time on my day job again tomorrow. Besides, it's Eliza's project and I really don't want to pre-empt her; on the other hand I figure it's also a good idea to keep tabs on everybody.

    Ah, I hate moral dilemmas!

  4. Naw, I was just poking fun at you for saying ''''…a novel he's writing"

    It's already written and in-the-mail. Done. Finished. 🙂

    Doesn't mean it'll ever get pub'd though. Still waiting on the queries.

  5. Ah, gotcha. Yeah I saw that you sent it out. At least you got much further than I ever did, I never completed a novel of any length.

  6. I was pretty proud to do it. It's 146,000 words. The next book will be around 160k. I start writing it on Oct 1st. and it will be done and ready to mail out on Aug 1st. 2009

  7. Nice. The longest thing I ever wrote is 54631 words, and not nearly complete. I can totally understand how hard it is to actually get something done. Kudos.

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