From 100 to 0 in 24 hours

How pathetic: Got home an hour ago. Feel completely dead. I hardly have the energy to do anything useful. (I did do some minor Inkscape work, but it doesn’t really count.) For you guys who are trying to build a writing career and have a steady job “on the side”: How the hell do you get the energy to write on a daily basis?

Maybe I am just getting old.

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  1. hey,

    thanks for the comment on my blog. as to YOUR quandry, you don't, really. the first couple months of freelance writing are just brutal, pushing the wheel up the hill with no income produced and nothing to show for all the work. but then the wheel gets rolling, money starts fast-tracking in a little, and you gain enough momentum to scale back on your job a bit. check out a friend of mine, isolde on , to see how she's dealing with that whole issue.

    now i'm rambling in a comment, but the first time i had freelancing success, i bought myself a ring that said "believe" on it. and now, every exhausted night and work-filled weekend, i keep it on to remind myself–it will be worth it in the end.


  2. That's a cool anecdote, actually.

    My problem is that I couldn't just "switch", even if I wanted to. I'd be broke way too quickly. 😉 But, yes, I totally admire everybody who can tough this sort of thing out.

    I was just totally dead last night – I was asleep about 30 min or so after I posted that, I think. Of course going to bed early means I woke up early too and now it's 4:30 am and I've been up for a while. It's raining outside, but it's not cold, so I can open the balcony door and listen. And I got another 1.5h before I gotta get ready to return to the office so I'll try to do some world building NOW.

  3. I've posted a sticky note above my computer that reads, "Nulla dies sine linea" or "Never a day without a line."

    I don't know that it helps per se with energy, but it keeps the idea of doggedly punching out the words in the forefront, anyway.

  4. I like that, Alex. It's actually what I try to do with my world building. Of course, I still fail at least half the days… For me, the idea of world building month really provided some motivation. I guess it's because I suddenly had some sort of goal, or purpose, to what I am doing.

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