Should we keep secrets?

As I get closer to designing and posting about the people of Arnâron, I wonder… should I give away all the secrets of the world, or shouldn’t I? I can see pro’s and con’s in either way. On the one hand I am trying to create a setting step-by-step on this blog; if I leave soemthing important out it will be incomplete. Also, if anybody ever uses the setting for, say, a role-playing campaign they’ll need to know what’s “really” going on. On the other hand giving away secrets, well, spoils it for those who may wish to experience the world as players or readers.

Were I simply creating this world to be used in a game or book, the case would be clear – I’d only post what the POV character of the reader knows. But since I am not, I am actually having a surprisingly hard time to decide. I’ll probably post everything, but… I’ll have to “sleep over it”.

Edit: After some additional hours of sleep, I think I will actually refrain from giving away all the secrets of the world’s history; just in case that I may actually some day use it for anything.

3 thoughts on “Should we keep secrets?

  1. I had that same question when I started. I decided to only reveal the overall ideas of Agarithia to leave some room for others to invent on their own. After all, Agarithia is only a part of the world, there are many unexplored territories.

    Good luck with Arnaron.

  2. Thanks for the feedback – Yes, I think the decision is the right one. If I never use it, I can still spill it all easily.

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