The First Arnâron Pronounciation Guide

Before I actually start posting details about the history of Arnâron, I though I’d give a very basic guide to the pronunciation of names and other words in the local language. Basic, because I am still very much working on their language – it doesn’t even have a final name yet – and trust me, creating a language is about the hardest thing you’ll ever do in world building, especially if you have no background in linguistics.

The list will be in the following format:

X-Sampa : Latin character : Example


/b/ : b : English bed

/t/ : t : English stew

/k/ : k : English cat

/p/ : p : English speak

/z/ : z : English zoo

/n/ : n : English nap

/m/ : m : English mouse

/d/ : d : English dig

/s/ : s : English seem

/R/ : r : German rein

/g/ : g : English game

/J/ : ny : Spanish año, English canyon

/j/ : y : English yes, French yeux

/v\/ : w : Dutch west


/u/ : u : English boom

/A/ : â : English father

/i/ : i : English be

/e/ : e : English met, French ses

/o/ : o : French gros

/a/ : a : French dame

/y/ : û : French tu, German über

Of course these are the basic vowels and consonants only, but since I haven’t defined too many additional rules yet this list should probably suffice for now.

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