Elements on Arnâron

I was just playing around – doodling with Inkscape, so to speak – and came up with a system of elements that I think will fit Arnâron quite well:


I had already decided on the number eight having special significance to the people of Arnâron. There aren’t really any good “in-setting” reasons for this (I’ll come up with something), the primary reasons are more related to visuals and imagery:

* I want the people to use a lot of octagonal features in their designs and architecture
* 8 is a lucky number for the Chinese
* In Hinduism, the number is associated with wealth
* In numerology, eight is the number of “building” but also of “destruction” (according to Wikipedia…)
* There are eight planets, both in our solar system as well as that of Arnâron

In general, eight seems to be a pleasant or lucky number, you can check out Wikipedia to learn about its various meanings. Anywyay, I had to settle on something, and eight seemed like a good pick.

Now, as for the elements, I know that the system is “flawed”: For instance, combining fire and air does not automatically produce smoke, instead air is required for combustion and the resultingg flame can be entirely smoke-less. Heating up Earth doesn’t produce sand, it’ll produce warm earth (and eventually magma). But naturally, none of these elements are really elements anyway. The system is based on the classical elements.

The system will and can be used in Arnâron’s religion, mythology, buildings, and so on. At worst it’s just a little bit of background fluff that I can work in as needed.

2 thoughts on “Elements on Arnâron

  1. Hmm, interesting. I just threw it together on a whim, so to speak. I am trying to improve the illustration, but it turns out to be quite difficult. How do you represent "mud", "sand", "smoke", "steam", and "air", and how do you differentiate the latter three?

    I know I could always come up with "alchemical symbols" but that's a cop-out.

    Current ideas: Geyser for steam, a cloud for air and "stink lines" of sorts for smoke; a sand dune for sand and…. I have no idea for mud.

    Earth, water, and fire are of course easy – Mountain, wave, and flame, respectively.

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