The Creatures of Arnâron – Part 2

It takes the bus about 30 minutes to get me from my apartment to work. I usually take the bus in the morning and then the subway in the evening. The bus is quite shaky, and it’s hard to write, but I do not have to change. With the subway, I usually can’t find a seat, plus I have to change twice and that makes writing, well, pretty much impossible.

This morning I used part of my half-hour to write down notes on a few additional creatures. As in the previous post, names are temporary.

The Dragonfly is a large predatory insect – in effect it rules the skies of Arnâron. They can grow up to two meters in length, with a wingspan of over two meters as well. They have strong, spike-studded legs with which they will attack and hold their prey; powerful mouths and sharp stingers. The males are blue and gray, the females yellow and brown in color. The insect is an ambush predator; it will attack its prey in a burst of speed and then use its legs to hold the animal while it delivers deadly blows with its stinger. They feed on smaller animals of all types, but will also attack larger species if desperate for food. Folk tales tell of unfortunate people being carried off by the Dragonflies – but these stories are (probably) just tall folk tales.

Locusts are a great danger for the local vegetation – including crops. The small (up to 5cm) insects will travel great distances and descend upon fertile land in a great, thick swarm, literally eating every last bit of plant they can. Luckily for the people of Arnâron, they are quite rare in the harsh climate, but they have not died out yet.

The natural enemy of the locust is nicknamed Farmer’s Friend (and yes I realize it’s a silly name). It eats other small insects, such as locusts. They will also attack roaches and other creatures. It attacks by spitting out a sticky goo. This goo will stick to the creature, inhibiting movement and rendering flight impossible. There is also a mild toxin in it which will paralyze the prey. The animal will then eat the paralyzed victim alive. The Farmer’s Friend does not attack humans.

Treelurkers are a form of mollusk, an evolved squid, that survived the changes on Arnâron by adapting to life on land. It uses its tentacles to climb on trees, where it will wait for unsuspecting prey. It will then drop onto those animals, use the tentacles to hold on to it, and use its beak to bite chunks of flesh out of the other animal. They only live in the few areas where vegetation and water are still commonplace, as they do like to return to the water regularly.

Here’s the updated tree of life:

Tree of Life

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