4 thoughts on “Elements – Illustration, Draft 2

  1. I do like the basic layout, that is, the octagon with the elements assigned to sides. I just don't like the pictograms for the elements. I am unfortunately not much of an artist.

  2. I saw this a bit ago and never got a chance to comment on it. I just wanna say I really like elemental arrangements and feel this would work great for a fantasy world.

  3. Well, it's the classic elements, but expanded to cover eight points, so it isn't really too original a design. I chose "Sand" over "Magma/Lava" because the later is a very localized phenomena (you need volcanoes to know about Lava) and sand is pretty much everywhere – even in the days when Arnâron was a lush, green planet, there were many deserts. The other choices are pretty straightforward.

    Dungeons & Dragons did something very similar for their elemental planes; you may check out their system because I think it's pretty nifty. The downside of course is that it's D&D and you get into the realm of cookie-cutting fantasy…

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