Flags of Arnâron – Draft 1

Preliminary flag designs:

Flag of Nation A

Flag of Nation B

Some notes:

  • I used mostly blues and reds – blue representing water and the red being so strongly associated with Mars.
  • As the number eight is a “lucky number” for the people of Arnâron, stars used in the design have eight points, and nations G and K even go so far and use octagons in their design.
  • Flags on Arnâron are usually triangular, and have the ratio 3:10. Nation H is the only exception, and this was a deliberate design choice to distinguish their flag as much as possible from their arch-enemies, nation C, while still containing elements similar to the flag of their most important ally, nation G (triangular shape; basic colors are similar). The use of 9 stars is for symetry reasons – I experimented with using a larger ninth star, but it looked bad.
  • The two moons – used in the flag design for nation E – are a symbol of the destruction of Arnâron, and are therefore considered “unlucky”. Their use in the flag of nation E will not endear them to other rulers.

2 thoughts on “Flags of Arnâron – Draft 1

  1. I find flag design to be really, really easy – because it's just plain geometry and you'll use a limi set of colors. Good flags are easy tor recognize, have high contrast, and use few design elements. Since I am not much of an artist, flags are a cheap way to do illustrations for me.

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