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Time is always an issue. I have a regular job that takes way too much of my time, and usually leaves me with little energy in the evenings. And then there are other things. But no matter what I do, schedules always seem to be unpredictable. I knew there was a reason why I do not plan more than a few weeks ahead. It turns out that something I had planned to do won’t happen and that will leave me with ample spare time for the rest of August.


So I’ll be world-building.

Since World Building Month is half-over, and I do want to at least have a complete skeleton of a world by the end, I thought about what needs to be done:

  • Language. Very important.
  • Religion. We know some basics already, but this needs to be worked out in detail.
  • Details on the nations – Customs, history, rulers, attitudes.
  • Money and trade: The economy needs to be designed at least in some detail. What do the nations produce, what do they export, and what do they need to import? Where are the main resources located, and what are they?
  • Cities of Ârnaron.
  • Ruins and relics: The shattered past lurks among the dunes.
  • Astrology and zodiacs.
  • Heroes and villains: Create at least a few of each as sample characters, so to speak.
  • Prizes and princesses: What do the heroes and villains fight over, and how?
  • The hordes: There are uncivilized, regressed barbarians everywhere, as befits a savage, mythical Martian styled world. Need to write about these guys, too.

I think that mostly covers it. I’ll probably deviate here and there and throw some other stuff in, as ideas pop up. But if I forgot something important or if there’s anything you actually want me to work out, do let me know via comments.

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  1. This is an impressive list. I especially like how you are going to objectively look at imports/exports.

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