World Building Month, Week 2

Eliza has published the second showcase of world building month entries. Great way to read up on everybody’s projects. I actually try to follow all of them (I activated Google’s RSS reader) but I fear I am not doing too well on that.

There are also some projects that I simply don’t have much to say on – for example the science fiction universe Jan van Hove is creating. I kind of feel bad about it. However, while I’ve built Sci Fi settings in the past, and in general like science fiction, I currently just don’t feel like touching Science Fiction with a ten foot light saber (my Voyagers setting hates me for it).

5 thoughts on “World Building Month, Week 2

  1. It seems that Jan and I are the only two really approaching Sci-Fi (and I admit, I am a little further from the 'Science' of it), but I think I'm qualified to say;

    'Don't fear the Science Fiction… it loves you too.' 😉

  2. As I said, I like Sci Fi, it's just not something I currently feel like dealing with. I used to do a lot of Sci Fi, especially Cyberpunk / "Realistic" Sci-Fi.

  3. No worries, I'm not much into fantasy these days myself, so that makes us even… 😛

    I guess that it comes with the "World building" part. Since a lot of sci-fi (at least the Hard kind, like the project I'm working on…) is based on a future version of our current world, there is no need, or at least less need, to create the basics of the world…

    Just my 2 cents…

  4. Well, you still got to do world-building; just think how much Earth and society has changed in the past 300 years, how will it change in the next 300 years? And you got to do a lot of research, especially if you are trying to go for "hard" science fiction. But, yeah, at least you don't have to come up with a solar system, you got one pre-made for you.

  5. I'm personally more drawn to fantasy than sci fi. Don't know why. I loved all of Edgar Rice Burroughs' sci fi stuff — just ate it up — but don't really feel connected with most of what's published today. If I had to guess, I'd say that I like to read for the plot — the story and the characters…and that a great many sci fi books get caught up in the world part or the background, which is (to me) boring and tedious and oh so yesterday.

    Hmm…that makes me wonder about something someone (on one of these blogs — my apologies for forgetting!) said about the possibility of too much world-building!!

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