Alphabet of Arnâron – Final Draft

After way too many hours spent working on it, I proudly present: the alphabet of Arnâron. I’ll call it a “final draft” because I am sure I’ll still change some things around… But I think it’s roughly in its “final” form.

As a reminder, I covered the phonemes in an earlier post.

Alphabet - Final Draft
Alphabet - Final Draft

A quick sample, “Arnâron”:

Script Sample.
Script Sample.

Unfortunately, the vocabulary of the language doesn’t suffice for a much longer text, yet. I have the basic grammar down, and I can form plurals, but I am missing numbers, future/past tense, imperative, and so on, as well as quite simply a large number of even basic words.

I’ll get there… the main issue right now is that I really want to work on culture and nations, but to do so I need the language!

Designing a language is quite hard, if you’re going at it from a complete lack of any kind of linguistic knowledge. It’s easy to throw something random together, but I find it hard to make it not suck.

In the meantime, it looks like at least two other World Building Month participantsCirellio and LeLoOr – have discovered the joy of designing languages, and I’ll follow their designs with great interest. Hey, maybe we can make week 3 of WBM “language week”? 😉

4 thoughts on “Alphabet of Arnâron – Final Draft

  1. Wow, really impressive endeavor! I have to say the most inspirational part of this WBM is the collective authors' astounding ability to dream big. I'm really jealous of your new language!!!

    xAC –good luck building the vocab!

  2. i like the Arnaron alphabet. Yeah the easiest part is making up words and their written version. The hard part is the grammar. i plan to keep Amtret as simple as possible in grammar.

  3. Yeah, I am doing it the KISS way too. And I am cheating by just having one language – I figure I can always invent more later, if I really want to, and next time I know a little better what I am doing and thus can make it more complex.

  4. Thanks for the comment. The more I spin the idea of Amtret in my head, the more I want to scratch the phonetic alphabet idea. There are just too many characters…

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