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While I was torturing my mind to produce more words, it began to seek an escape route and thus wandered about a little. I thought about the fact that I really don’t want to work on science fiction right now and began to examine my worlds for “genre”. Turns out, science fiction is almost everywhere. Or more correctly, science fiction elements.

These are the worlds I worked on recently, say in the last half year or so:

  • Arnâron is a dying world that used to be ultra-high tech, and some remnants of it will be found here and there. I guess that counts as borderling sci-fi, or doesn’t it?
  • Gaia Ringworld is a world where (most) of mankind lives in tribal structures in harmony with a seemingly sentient natural world. But that world is a giant ring, a Banks Orbtial, and if that isn’t sci-fi then I don’t know what is.
  • Thraeton: An untamed, undeveloped world where much of “native” civilization is in the stone age. Again I included science fiction elements: Over the past centuries, humans from alternate worlds arrived on Thraeton. Most of them involuntarily, whisked away by that old stereotype, the storm that opens gateways between worlds; but others chose this world as a destination and it is they who built high-tech cities with nanotechnology and robots. Sounds Science Fiction to me.
  • Voyagers: My take on a Foundation style galactic society. It doesn’t get more classical than this in science fiction.
  • Terra: An alternate history setting… at first glance this may not sound very science fictional, except that at some the Terrans discover the technology to travel between parallel universes – this is sort of my “meta setting” that connects everything. And I think traveling to other universes is quite sci-fi.

Looking through my other worlds, there’s a lot of stuff there that isn’t science fiction at all. Like Enderra, which is yet another sword and sorcery world. But I guess that there is some kind of science fiction in many of them – I guess I just like to explain things pseudo-scientifically when I can instead of resorting to “magic”.

Mh, I should probably introduce some of my settings in more detail on the blog… but first, I shall return to making up words for the Arnâronian language.

2 thoughts on “My Genres and Settings

  1. So are you saying it's a bad thing that you use science fiction elements a lot? Even literary fiction often includes such things, and if you're mixing genres (like, for example, science fiction, fantasy, and chick lit) then I think it makes for a much more exciting read than general genre fiction.

  2. Nah, it's just that while I said a few posts ago that I really don't want to deal with science fiction, I only don't want to deal with "pure" science fiction – I use "science fiction" in pretty much everything I build.

    Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just never occurred to me so clearly.

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