NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #2

Word count: 6659 (+2374 from day 1).

I have slowed down; I only wrote about half as much today as yesterday. I am still above the daily “quota” of 1667 words, though, so it’s all good. The day still has some hours left, but I am getting drowsy. If I do end up writing more, I’ll just include it in tomorrow’s word count.

I hit my first “block” today. My two main protagonists had a moment of privacy, something that is rare in the shelter, and started to talk to each other. It’s not a very compelling scene, but I got it out of the way – a prime candidate for a rewrite – In December!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day “in real life”, so it’s good that I worked ahead. However, tomorrow would also be the day when things in the novel finally start to get interesting for me, the author. So you can bet I will do my best to meet tomorrow’s minimum word count as well.

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  1. Thanks – I am trying.

    I took the liberty of moving your comment to a NaNoWriMo post. 😉

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