NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #3

Word count: 9400 (+2741 from day 2).

I actually ended up writing a lot more today than I thought. I took a break when I got a phone call, and now I don’t really want to start again. I kind of want to hit the big 10k, but then again, why rush it? So far, I am doing very well on the word count. If I keep it up I’ll meet the target 50,000 in half the allotted time. Since I already wrote so many words, yet still am at the beginning of the story, I am convinced that 50k will not suffice to tell it. I think we’re probably looking at 70-90k words. But we’ll see about that later.

As an aside, because I am quite aware that a lot of it sucks in its present state, I’ve decided against publishing excerpts. Consider it a first draft, which will be condensed down to some kind of goodness after it’s done. I guess December should be NaNoEdMo.

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