NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #4

Word count: 11340 (+1940 from day 3).

I spent a lot of time on distractions today – most which was interrupt driven, and not really my choice. Distractions that are my fault are the Brockville Parks album cover, and some work on fleshing out the city of St.Brendan and the American state of Acadia.

I still managed to write more than the daily quote. I broke through the 10,000 words milestone, and that does feel good. Still, I thought I would be able to write more, and for tomorrow I really intend to write more despite whatever distractions may come my way.

In other news, the site got another server. At least as I write this the situation seems to have improved a lot. They also remind people to back up your work. This can not be overstressed: Make a back up. And do it every day. Myself, I sync all my work to a remote site via Subversion. Not only is it backed up, it’s at a remote site (so if my home burns down, my writing is safe) and, as an added bonus, Subversion also lets me retrieve old versions of my documents. Of course not everybody has the infrastructure to do this, but the message is: Get a good backup solution for yourself.

Finally, Ken Kiser has put up a “nicer” version of his Anti-NaNoWriMo-rant. He still misses the point, but I do not really feel like arguing with him after his spiteful fit. However I did want to point you to his “civilized” version after I had already linked to the original post. Fair’s fair.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #4

  1. Hey there,

    As you surely know, I’m not a fan of the Nano-thingy, but I’ve been making my rounds through the blog-jungle and offering a good luck wish to all those who are participating. Yours is one of the last sites on my list of people I’m aware of who are participating… but I don’t want to miss anyone.

    Keep up the good word-counts and never give up on your goals. Dare to Dream and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Argh…. now I’ve got to go wash my mouth out with bleach! This many well-wishes in a single day to NaNo-folks is going to do permanent psychological damage… I just know it.

  2. Well, thanks. It's not like I have illusions of NaNoWriMo being the kick-start of a writing career or anything, I just do it as a fun hobby project, and that is exactly why I think you are too harsh on the whole thing.

    Anyway; thanks for dropping by.

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