NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #5

Word count: 13018 (+1678 from day 4).

I made today’s quota, and I could continue, but I will probably call it a day. If I do write more, it’ll be in tomorrow’s count.

I did have to edit yesterday’s additions. I stupidly forgot that everybody was wearing gas masks, and had put references to facial expressions etc into the story. At least I caught it. I know I am not “supposed” to edit during November, but I thought that this was big enough a problem to warrant immediate correction.

Besides that, I butchered some nursery rhymes today. Want a sample? I warn you, it is bad.

“Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home.

Your city is on fire,

your children have all burned,

except for little Molly,

who is very jolly,

and as far she can tell,

in her own personal hell.”

I did warn you, so stop grimacing.

Molly is a character that arose from a need in the story; I hadn’t pre-planned her. I had fun writing her part into the story, so she was a good addition. She will return in a few days, when I finally hook her up with my protagonists.

PS: NaNoWriMo’s website is still way too slow.

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