NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #6

Word count: 15527 (+2509 from day 5).

I’ve reached the 15000 “milestone”, and ended today’s writing session when I reached a good point for a break. I probably could have written a little more, but again, why hurry and burn myself out?

I have begun to increase the weirdness level a little, but my protagonists have not really met any opposition. Two of them did have their first serious argument, however. Tomorrow I’ll revisit the crazed DJ, Molly, and introduce her to my protagonists.

I am now at the end of my detailed outline, and am beginning to improvise. I still know where I am going, with some intermediate steps and also where and how the novel should end, but there’s a lot of blanks in between. No real matter, I know I can improvise, but writing with an outline to guide you is of course easier. That’s what I get for switching my plan a few days before NaNoWriMo, and also for being bad about outlining.

We live to learn.

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