NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #7

Word count: 17648 (+2121 from day 6).

Today was not a good day for me, as I was tired and didn’t feel like writing, at all. I still managed to exceed the daily quota; I am a little proud of that: I stuck to the plan even when it was not easy to do so. Not that my output today was overly compelling, but again correcting it is what December will be for.

I did realize that at least some gas masks actually have a very large transparent area, so my removal of facial expressions from a section of the novel was a little hasty. I made a note of it, and will change the relevant section again during editing.

In more general NaNoWriMo news, I saw that some people wrote over 200k words in a few days. Let me spell that out: Two hundred thousand words. Now that just seems excessive, and I truly wonder how much filler material there’s in those novels.

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