NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #9

Word count: 23264 (+3460 from day 8).

I am stopping early today – as I write this post, it is just 6pm. I guess I could easily make it to 25k today, but I am at a convenient point to stop. I didn’t quite get to the action part, but I laid the foundation for it.

I easily made the 20,000 words milestone, but I only had 196 words to go, so it doesn’t feel like quite the accomplishment for today. Still, the half-way point is just around the corner, with two thirds of the month to go. This is a Good Thing™.

23264 words in nine days comes to 2584 words per day, on average. Considering I was worried about making 1667, I am quite (positively) surprised with myself. Not that it is always easy. Not that it is good. But it is being written.

As a side note, I checked today: The longest continuous work I have ever written in my life is 54600 words long (and it is unfinished). That’s longer than I had thought! The text on 2nd place is 33000 words long. Therefore my NaNoWriMo novel should, just out of principle, be at least 55000 words long.

And actually have an ending.

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