NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #11

Word count: 28820 (+2835 from day 10).

I added that other scene I was talking about yesterday. It probably needs some work… but that’s for later. It added 1300 words to the story. I then continued to write the novel. My protagonists are now getting confronted with the main object of the novel. Naturally, there are more obstacles in their way, but from this point on things should develop towards a resolution instead of getting more confusing.

I was tempted, for a little while, to attempt to reach 30,000 today, but in the end I was too tired to do so. As I said before, I shouldn’t force myself just to try and get a higher word count and then risk burn-out.

I am now past the point where I even worry about criticizing myself anymore. I have accepted, no, even embraced the idea that it’s OK to write crap, that is is more important to progress and “get it done”, because you can always rewrite and edit later. (It’s just important not to forget that, yes, rewrites and edits must be done as well. It’s a matter of prioritizing and scheduling.)

No “in general news” today, because I found nothing NaNoWriMo related worth sharing. I did however discover that it’s trivial to export graphs from OpenOffice, so here’s my word count as a graph:

Worccount as of 2008-11-11

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #11

  1. ohhh, graphs are fun. I love statistics, and naturally I was overjoyed to discover that I (and everyone else) has a stats page. I guess it's the [belittled,squished,neglected] math nerd in me. 😛

  2. The problem I have with the NaNoWriMo graph is that it doesn’t cut over at “my” midnight. I am now aware of it, and try to keep my word count synchronized, but in the “early days” I just updated it whenever I had written something, and so “my” days and the NaNoWriMo days differ.

    Besides I can’t really add that little stats thing to my blog.

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