NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #12

Word count: 31908 (+3088 from day 11).

Woke up at 4am today, after I had gone to bed early, and so I did what any responsible NaNoWriMo participant would do… I began to write. Or so I tried. I failed miserably. I was stuck! I did not know how to proceed. I spent some time planning the future progress of the novel, and tortured my poor head all day. I finally began to actually write in the evening, and once I had gotten past 500 words, the rest of today’s output followed quite easily.

I am at a fairly convenient breaking point, so I decided to stop for today. I have a few more things I want to settle, before I approach the “grand finale”, so to speak. That is, where the protagonists tackle the main objective of the novel. I know I will hate the novel as I write it, and I know I will put a lot of garbage in it, but that’s okay. It will get done, it will have the two magic words on the last line: “The End.”

And then, in December, I will read it again, try hard not to throw up, and fix it.

In more general news, I think I have an idea for a fun project to follow NaNoWriMo up with. I’ll have to mull it over a little more, but I’ll post about it in due time.

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