NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #17

Word count: 42884 (+2338 from day 16).

Today’s writing session was much smoother again. The word count is still fairly low – I only wrote 2338 words – but at least I did not sit in front of the OpenOffice file torturing my brain for hours. Incidentally, my average is 2522.6 words per day.

My protagonists are out of harm’s way for now. They are about to receive a lot of information on what really happened; that will be tomorrow’s contribution to the novel, and will probably be one of the easiest sections to write.

Wordcount as of 2008-11-17

I am getting very close to 50,000 now. I can almost smell victory…

No real insights or “in other news” today. Sorry 🙂

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