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  1. My real life name is Cathy Cox. I am a member of Second life.com. We are presently attempting to create a Rama spaceship in SL in Arthur C. Clarke's honor at this time and are encountering many technical problems, such as the gravity issue, lag, and rotation. We presently have a river flowing and a few birds flying the entire curvature. It is 1 full sim high and 1 full sim wide, and just the shell, quite huge by SL standards. We have started a group called THE RAMA PROJECT. We all know this project will take some time and there is no rush. It will open as a tourist attraction in SL if we ever get it to work properly. I am so impressed with your work with the Rama spacecraft!!!! It is totally awesome! Is it possible you can help us in Sl?? I am in awe with what you have done! Presently we have 14 members of The Rama Project, a small group of creaters, writers, and scriptors. Email me if you can?? PLEEEEASE??

  2. Cathy, before tackling such a large project you may wish to practice such basic skills as using a weblog (the correct article to comment on would have been this one) or comprehension of the English language.

    Had you actually bothered to READ that posting, you would have understood that I was merely pointing to someone else's work.

    Good luck with your project – you will need it.

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