To blog or not to blog fiction…

First off, a happy 2009 to all of you. I hope that you all had fun celebrating the advent of the new year, and that it will be a successful year for you.

I have worked on outlining that serialized fiction set in Arnâron I talked about last month, and I think I am fairly happy with the outline. It’s not gonna be the next bestseller, but for my purposes – advancing the world Arnâron – it will suffice. However, there’s one thing I have been mulling over that you guys might be able to give me an opinion on:

If and when I write these episodes, and if I and my “guinea pig” (I think the more correct term is “beta reader”) then think they are not totally terrible, what do I do with them?

Intuitively, I thought that I should just put them on the blog, but this is not really a fiction blog. Besides that would give them a sort of finality and I couldn’t go back and fix broken things. On the other hand, I do not really want to bury them in my document repository. Critique, feedback, and open development are Good Things. So what should I do with them?

Decisions, decisions!

2 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog fiction…

  1. First, Nils, allow me to apologize: your godhood has not been revoked. I only remembered much later that demi-god was incorrect. how remiss of me…

    Second, I've always wanted to say that I wish you had more writerly things on your blog — so if you're asking for opinions, mine is to post away w/ your fiction!

  2. Haha, I am not a world design god, unfortunately, but working on it. Some day… 😉

    We'll see about the fiction. I am really undecided. "I am not a writer!" – And since I am not a writer, and not a native English speaker on top of that, I feel quite uncertain whether what I could produce is even post-worth.

    Thanks for your opinion though, Alex, I always appreciate feedback.

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