Thraeton and Enderra Map WIPs

I spent a lot of my spare time working on maps. Here’s what I have to show for my effort.

First off, Thraeton now has mountain ranges. I experimented a little and came up with the following abstract style, which I like a lot.


Detail view:

Thraeton Detail

I am currently working on climate – wind, ocean currents, climate zones.

In between, I revisited that world which started it all, and which gave the name to this website: Enderra. I began by recreating what geography has already been established over the past 17 years. As you can see, this is not the entire planet just yet – the entire “new world” in the west was never mapped out, so it’ll be added later.


I also experimented with drawing pretty national borders. These are very rough, and I’ll have to redraw them as the map evolved, but as a stylistic experiment I think it was quite a success:

Enderra National Borders

As always, I work in Inkscape.

6 thoughts on “Thraeton and Enderra Map WIPs

  1. It’s really not that special, I am afraid. I’m still learning myself. It’s mostly inkscape with a whole lot of layers. I’ll eventually write some nice tutorials, once I have something worth-while to say on the subject. 🙂

  2. Oh wow. I'm writing a short-story book that takes place in a world called Thraeton. i googled it and this is what i got. NICE.

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