8 thoughts on “Space Setting Map Sneak Preview II

  1. No, I mean the later one – among other things, it’s three times as large. I made it public, so you can kill my second post if you like.

  2. Interesting! I”m not a huge fan of forums, but I may participate semi-anonymously :). I’ve got several old maps that I was working on prior to a drive crash – I should rework and expand them.

  3. Part of the inspiration was certainly Traveller, but in the end it's as much an alternate Traveller setting the same way, oh, Warhammer is an alternate D&D setting. That is to say, they are rather built on the same sources. My main inspiration to start building this setting was that I discovered H. Beam Piper's works, which I never had read before. There's some awesome stuff he wrote and I highly recommend his works. If you look at the map – and know Piper – you will find a lot of his colony names as well as an adherence to the same general naming schemes.

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