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Map: Oceania

Last night I worked on a new map. This time, it’s an ocean world for the Voyagers setting, called Oceania (for now).

Voyagers: Oceania
Voyagers: Oceania

When Oceania was discovered, the near complete lack of dry land meant that the world was skipped and not colonized. A businessman purchased the entire system and developed Oceania into a high class tourist world.

As always, I have a thread on the cartographers’ guild up to track progress.

Past views of the Future

Found these on Youtube. They are what (in part) inspired the TV show “Futurama”. They are perfect inspiration if you want to create an alternate history or a pastiche.

Futurama, General Motors 1939 World’s Fair Exhibit

Update, 2020-01-19: Seems the videos are no longer available. Here’s a replacement:

1964 – 1965 NY World’s Fair FUTURAMA II Ride Video

Idol’s idols

“I was going to write like James Branch Cabell, which would have taken a lot of doing. Before that, I was going to write like Rafael Sabatini, and like Talbot Munday, and like Rider Haggard, and even, God help us, like Edgar Rice Burroughs. …  Eventually I decided to write like H. Beam Piper, only a little better. I am still trying.”

H. Beam Piper, The double:bill Symposium interview

Neverwinter Nights: Bard’s Tale

One of the many things I experimented with – seven years ago! – in Neverwinter Nights was an implementation of Bard’s Tale III: The Thief of Fate using NWN. The project never progressed far; while a later version actually had progressed quite nicely I ended up taking over Underdark Adventures and creating UA3 together with Arjan instead.

Anyway, I just discovered a handful of screenshots from this attempt and thought I’d share them.

Plus a map of the “Wilderness” area:

BT3: Wilderness
BT3: Wilderness

It looks like I even have module files from back then – but no hakpaks, and I am fairly sure this module needed one.