Space Setting Map Sneak Preview III

Okay, this is the current version of my Voyagers map. It didn’t really change that much anymore – I’ve optimized some lines here and there, added some star systems, added names… This is probably the last version of this particular map for reasons I’ll detail in a later post.

Voyagers: Human Space
Voyagers: Human Space

There should be about 300 named systems on that map.

2 thoughts on “Space Setting Map Sneak Preview III

  1. That's one of the unsolved secrets of the setting. Since communication is carried by courier – radio waves only travel at the speed of light – contact with systems towards Terra was cut off without any warning. One system after the other fell silent, ships sent towards them never returned. Years later, when radio transmissions might have been intercepted, they showed nothing out of the ordinary before they ceased.

    The spread of the Dead Zone stopped as mysteriously as it had begun, but ships going inside still disappear, so now no sane person would ever try again.

    There are no known explanations, just rumors and speculation, and nobody really knows anything.

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