Star Map – WIP 7

I finally managed to find a connection between the two large “clusters”, thanks to a tip I received on the Cartographers’ Guild.

Earth is the yellow box south-east of the main circle in the northwest part of this chart – you can click through to the actual – huge – map file.

I really like the shape of the star systems accessible from Earth. I actually hope that the number of systems reachable from Earth is limited, but I doubt I will be “lucky”. If I have a limited set of systems I will add some form of jumpgates to the setting for long range connections. They’d be incredibly rare, so all “local” traffic would be by regular hyperdrive, but if you want to travel across the galaxy, well, you can make a few long jumps along the way to speed up the process. I may use this concept anyway.

I wanted my FTP to operate at roughly a day per light year or so, to prevent travel between systems feeling like a car ride around the block. I haven’t done precise math, but it’s 18 or so jumps from Sol to the southeastern tip of the current chart. Assume 5 days average per jump, and we get 90 days – three months – travel time. That sounds about right.

One worrisome bit though if that it seems that the guy who posted on the Guild forum had different distances for a pair of stars than I did. I so hope that I didn’t make any grave errors in my calculations, or I will have wasted a lot of time on this map…

Well, we will see.

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