Star Map – Style Test 3

I experimented a bit with GIMP to get a nice starfield for a backdrop. This is the result…

Star Map - Style Test
Star Map - Style Test

Edit: Different line style:

Star Map: Now with red lines
Star Map: Now with red lines

Edit 2:

With different blue lines:

Star Map: Better Blues
Star Map: Better Blues


What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Star Map – Style Test 3

  1. Well – I guess you are right but I can easily fix the color. How do you like the new red ones instead?

  2. To reply to my own comment: I guess the brown dwarf (2MASS-*) meshes too closely with the lines, but that should be fixable too.

  3. The red lines are much easier to see over the background but I think you may have overcompensated – the lines are now so vivid they draw attention away from the stars. I think blue works it just just needs to be higher contrast relative to the background.

  4. Alright – #3 has a slightly brighter blue and the glow I introduced for the red lines is now black, ever so slightly darkening the background near the blue lines. How about this?

  5. I like the red ones best! (Nice use of very "real astronomy" techniques to give it a much more "down-to-earth" feel while still having that "out of this world" sci-fi spin)…

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