Earth, 2174 – Final

The final version of the Earth 2174 map:

Earth 2174 - Final
Earth 2174 - Final

Took me way too long, and I still feel that especially the southern half of Africa needs some border changes – but it’ll do for now. Now I know what big nations exist in 2174, and that means I can proceed with what I am really after: Exploring other solar systems!

2 thoughts on “Earth, 2174 – Final

  1. I could have sworn I responded to the Africa/Middle East update with all of the border changes I saw, there must have been a CAPTCHA or something I missed and then closed the window, drat.

    I like the overall map quite a lot. You have a good mix of standards and a few less expected entries as well which helps keep the whole thing fresh.

  2. Thanks. Yes you did comment on the attachment page of a previous WIP somewhere. I don't use captchas, unless IncredibleDebate has them at some point (I think it doesn't).

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