What’s In a World Name?

I recently discovered that a lady on Twitter has the given name “Enderra”. I didn’t quite figure out what that means, yet, but it might be a variant of Endrra.

Endrra is Albanian for “Dream” and Turkish for “rare”.

There are other meanings for similar words:

Ender means “rare” in Turkish. (Someone clear this up for me, pretty please?)

Endera is a family of moths. It is also “either” in Swedish.

Indera is the Malay name for the Hindu god Indra.

Enderra is also quite close to Andorra, though this also wasn’t my inspiration for picking the name.

None of which are related to how I actually came up with the name. I think I didn’t tell that anecdote to many yet: When I was building my world way back in ’92, I urgently needed a name for it and I just couldn’t think of anything. At the same time I was listening to the radio, tuned in to a station with the code/abbreviation NDR2. And when I rearranged and twisted it, NDR became En Der Rah. Enderra. I liked it, and it stuck.

Where did you get your campaign world’s names?

4 thoughts on “What’s In a World Name?

  1. It is very hard to come up with a name that isn’t a word somewhere. Of the dozens of names I have in my game, only one Scimrahn, doesn’t seem to have an existing word tied to it.

  2. Yes that googles very nicely to your site/setting. I am just happy Enderra doesn't stand for something nasty, as far as I can tell.

    By the way, checked out your site – very nice, love those maps of the Artifact in your PDF.

  3. At the moment I wouldn’t say I have any terribly inspired names in my setting. Tellur, my largest project at the moment, comes from an alternative Greek word for earth . . . it’s very fitting for the planet, but doesn’t exactly have depth. My next big projectt, the Theta Persei system, is actually going to have a naming scheme specifically designed to feel committee-designed. I suppose it with have depth, of a sort, but by design it shouldn’t feel inspired 🙂

    But then I hate naming, something I probably need to mention less-often on my blog!

  4. Yes – Naming is a pain. For planets in the Sci Fi setting I actually don't have much of a problem with naming, but in generally I do too. I have a scrapbook file into which I put every name I like, be it for a person or location, so I can pull them out when needed… In my experience collecting interesting names like that mitigates the naming issue a bit.

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