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Task Resolution

After deciding that 3d6 is a dice mechanic that gives good, generally predictable results and a good granularity, let’s work on task resolution. “Task resolution” is any situation where a character is attempting to achieve something, but the mechanics will be used for other decisions as well. One example might be random encounters, where the probability is dependent on, say, weather or the time of the day.
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Flag of the Federated Nations

The Federated Nations – successor to the United Nations – use this flag:

To be fair, I just threw something together; I did not really assign any meaning to the symbols. I did want to remove some of the clutter from the globe, and I think that works nicely. I also prefer a deep blue to the old UN light blue, it’s a nicer, fuller color this way, giving the flag more “presence”.

But if anybody has a good suggestion on what the stars could stand for – let me know. I thought about continents, or planets in the solar system – I could change the number of stars after all – but neither sounds overly compelling.