Mapping H. Beam Piper, Part 1: Some Basics

I love H. Beam Piper’s sci fi stories, and I always wanted to map out the Terran Federation. Well, there’s not enough source material for any kind of reliable map, but I’ve collected as much info as I could without re-reading every book:

The chart is probably self-explanatory; it maps distance and in a few cases directional relationships between the planets. Some planets are mentioned without any other info, those are free-floating boxes. These are not complete, there are a few planets mentioned by name that are not on my schematic yet.

And as a PDF: piper-systems PDF

There is some material I did not check yet, so this will get updated eventually. And do let me know if I you are aware of any data not included yet!

4 thoughts on “Mapping H. Beam Piper, Part 1: Some Basics

  1. Thanks – it’s going to be a very basic project, there’s really not a lot of information on most systems’ locations. Still, it’s a fun little exercise.

  2. I wish I had known about this back when I was working on Fuzzy Ergo Sum. It would have saved me a lot of re-re-reading. Will you be adding Yggdrasil and Freya soon?

  3. Wolfgang, thanks for dropping by 🙂 Check out the other parts in the series – I eventually do come to the conclusion that Piper wasn’t consistent enough to actually map Terro-Human space.

    I think I have a slightly more updated map file than what I posted, but just reinstalled my computer and don’t have my backups played back yet – I’ll check and post it.

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