Mapping H. Beam Piper, Part 2: More Planets

More planets, more connections. I think this does cover all Piper stories.

And again as a PDF: piper-systems

A lot of the planets are just mentioned by name, never in actual relation with any of the other worlds.

One thing I did not include in the chart yet is that Marduk is probably relatively close to Baldur, at least the two exchange diplomats. Still, since ships regularly make 3000+ light year jumps, that does not necessarily mean actual proximity.


2 thoughts on “Mapping H. Beam Piper, Part 2: More Planets

  1. Wonderful work here. Love the project. Another Piper (and Traveller) fan has done some similar work here:

    And here are a couple of maps developed for Rogue Games' ~Thousand Suns~ Piper supplement:

    One last comment. If you look a bit more deeply into the works where Piper provides those "time" distances (e.g. "five months" between Poictesme and Terra), he often also provides indications about the speed of hypership travel in that era of the Future History (e.g. about one lightyear an hour in the Space Viking era). Sometimes, this allows you to calculate the actual distance. Other times it seems like, no matter what the distance, it was always "six months" for Beam between any two destinations. (One can construct rational explanations for that sort of thing but they don't help us to determine the distance.)

  2. Thanks for the feedback and those links – beautiful maps, but they do not hold up too well to what I found so far. 😉

    I do of course realize that we can convert hours/months into lightyears :-), I originally wanted to just literally include what I found in the books. Later I started to just add lightyears for stuff where travel times are given, and I didn't go back and convert them all. Yeah, I noticed that he overused "six months" as well (2000 and 3000 hours seem common too). I am guessing that this was done simply because 6 months is conveniently inconvenient: You can't wait six months for a task force from Terra. But at 1ly/h, his later speed, Uller (for example) is 21h from Earth – so when the revolt broke out they could have easily gotten troops from Earth to quell it I have no real choice but to accept it as "fact" – but we can of course assume that there is an error margin. So six months could be 5.5 or 6.5 months. You could even stretch it a bit more: Perhaps he MEANT to say "half a year" and people do use that for 5-7 months.

    Still, I would of course like to stay as close to the canon figures as possible.

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