Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map & Timeline Preview

It’s been quiet. Too quiet – but I’ve actually been working quite frantically on my science fiction setting. The fake advertisement was just something I felt like doing as an aside; mostly, I’ve been working out a detailed timeline and history from all the notes, brainstorming documents, and abortive world books I’ve written in the past. Just to give you an idea of the scope: We are talking about a 40-page document.

I thought I’d give you a bit of a sneak preview. There are some possible spoilers of future material… you have been warned.

First, here’s the map of the setting with historic nations superimposed. Just the ones I have names for; I find it surprisingly hard to find good names for anything.

And here’s a timeline created in OpenOffice with all events that have a fixed date – it does not include events with vague dates (“in the years following x, y happened”) nor anything which has a timespan, since my spreadsheet can’t deal with that.

There are many gaps left to be filled out, and I am not nearly done. The latest events I added are in the year 3679, and I expect to add at least another 200 years worth of history before arriving in the setting’s present.

I’ve also -finally- figured out how to publish this setting… a sneak preview of that will come soon. 😉

3 thoughts on “Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map & Timeline Preview

  1. ………………………(that’s the sound of me in dumbfounded awe) Seriously, sitting here with my mouth agape and a little strand of drool tracing down to my notepad. Incredible as usual, sir. If ever I want to feel dwarfed (fantasy pun intended) by creative abilities I know I only have to check in at ye old Enderra. Thanks for such an awesome resource! I killed a few hours at work – because why the hell would I work at work – Friday night linking around and reading articles on world building.

  2. I have questions but I figure you’re planning on answering them in their due time so I’ll ask the simple ones

    Aliens or no aliens? (if so how many)
    Sci-fi or Science Fiction?
    Looks like there’s something post apocalyptic happening in the time line what’s the tech level in the setting?
    Any cool culture tidbits you can share early?

  3. Thanks, Gunslinger.

    Emmett – I’ll try to post more as soon as I can. Doing less than 1k words on work days though. But, sure, I’ll spoil it a little more…

    Aliens: One, but mankind is not in contact with it right now.

    Sci-fi or Science Fiction: I actually use the two interchangeably. I’m going for a serious, somewhat hard science fiction setting. As hard as it can be with gravity technology and FTL hyperdrives.

    Post Apocalyptic: Yeah. I’m following the “standard science fiction cosmology”, to some extent. So there’s a breakdown of the first interstellar nation and an Interregnum. But the setting is actually more of a pre-apocalyptic setting…

    Cultural tidbits: I am not sure what would be “cool”.

    The main conflict are rapidly-escalating tensions between the Terran Federation and Empire.

    The TF is the defender of democracy, justice, and freedom and is the only legal government of human space solely on the virtue of humans originating on Terra. On the other hand, Empire is a feudal dictatorship not prone to compromising on the will of the Emperor.

    And if you buy into that, the Terran Federation’s propagana machine has worked on you.

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