Star Map: Terra Sector, WIP#1

Hope you like this sneak preview…

Yes. This is a zoomed area of my Star Map. Basically, on the original map I had these little 2x2cm squares. Well, this is a 20x20cm version of the one square that has Earth in it. One millimeter = one light-year. It’s designed to fit on an A4 page. For comparison, this is roughly equivalent to 2×2 Traveller sectors.

The blotches are placeholders for Nebulae, I intend to hand-paint them.

I’ll never map out my entire setting in this level of detail; I doubt I’ll live long enough. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Star Map: Terra Sector, WIP#1

  1. I like it. I experimented with hex maps this past weekend and found that the concept of star mapping isn’t as daunting as I’d thought, but there’s still the fact that it’s hard to make it look on paper how I see it in my head. I like the squares you’ve done here. For some reason it just makes it easier to understand. Hexes just complicate things.

  2. Hexes have a lot of problems, but they are quite convenient for simply counting off distances. Star mapping is VERY daunting once you visualize the distances and numbers of stars actually involved. Then realize that space has a third dimension – the 200×200 light years of my map shouldn’t be 40,000 square light years – they should be forty MILLION cubic light years, since the galaxy is roughly 1000 light-years thick. There are easily 1-2 million star system in that volume.

    But, yeah. That’s why I abstract it as a 2d sheet. Once you get past that, you end up with dots or little circles plus maybe some other stuff to make it “cooler”. But it’s mostly dots of some variation.

  3. You continue to blow my mind. I was jabbering to my wife about how you have this knack for numbers. Of course I never considered the X, Y, and Z axis of of 360 degree setting like space. Like I explained to my wife, it makes perfect sense to think in a top down view of a grid you’re only seeing the Z and X axis, not the surrounding depth of the Y. As I put it to her “it’s like being underwater”. Her visualization was “it’s like soup…you know, because there’s all this stuff floating in it”. I just had to laugh, it’s always food with her. I’m a map geek with my nerdatorium – she’s a cooking geek with her kitchen.

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