Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map 2650AD, WIP#1

By 2650, the already chaotic situation in human space had worsened considerably. Over 50 nations warred among each other – in fact the borders shifted so much during this time that it is nearly impossible to create an accurate map of human space. Due to the communications lag inherent in hyperdrive technology, nobody at the time had any idea what was really going on.

Star Map: Historic situation, 2650AD
Star Map: Historic situation, 2650AD

The industrial base of many worlds was severely eroded by 2650. Part of the reason to continue the war was the attempt to capture ships and factories from the enemy – in order to be able to continue the war!

The core space of the Solar League, which had been able to keep out of the war for decades, became a valuable prize. Its neighbors began to attack its border worlds in 2645. The League would eventually collapse in 2662. While the fighting would continue for decades more in some areas, the fall of the League is generally accepted as the beginning of the Interregnum – the galactic dark ages.


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