Terran Federation and Imperial flags compared

I’ve made the Imperial flag and seal Carmine red, and fixed the layout somewhat. (And boy do I wish I had a professional designer on hand for this.) This is what I came up with:

Federation and Empire - Insignia - Comparison

Left is TF, right side is Empire.

I think this works… But I’m still interested in opinions.

5 thoughts on “Terran Federation and Imperial flags compared

  1. Sorry I didn’t comment until now. It turns out my work computer has a virus (no that does not mean days off) and I’m just now getting sit down time at home. Anyway, I like what you decided on. I’m a bigger fan of blue, but the Empire colors make perfect sense with your story. I also liked what you mentioned in your email about uniform colors. You could make the fatigues a gray, red, black camouflage (assuming camo serves a purpose in space) or something like gray armor with red underneath and black joints. Officers could wear a white coat with gold tubing, red sash, gray pants, black boots. It all just depends on your taste and what feel you’re going for. I’m eager to see more.

  2. Realmwright: Well, I also liked blue. But I can’t have both nations use blue as their primary color, so one had to change. I guess I could have looked for other combination but I guess red is an obvious choice. I do think the darker shade of red makes it look a lot less “communist”.

    Shorty: The stars on the Terran federation seal/Flag were originally Earth and the other seven planets of the solar system. The background has changed though and it doesn’t match any longer – I’ve not quite decided how to fix the stars yet, but I’ll work that out over time.

    The Imperial flag doesn’t yet have a meaning for the stars. I think it’ll either be 18 ‘provinces’ or perhaps the original systems that founded the Empire.

    I do agree with you that these things must not simply be random, and I will definitely change the flags/seals etc to match the background down the line.

  3. Hehe – thanks – and no worries, while I love it when people like my work (obviously) I appreciate constructive feedback even more. Questions like yours keep my worldbuilding honest in that they prevent me from cutting too many corners 🙂

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