In recent days I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot. I really want to clean up a little. I’ve identified three issues that I think I need to handle:

  1. Layout is too messy
  2. Worlds section needs cleanup
  3. Topics covered

I think layout and the world section are fairly straight forward, but let me explain #3 a little. was originally just a small site about my RPG stuff. I eventually extended it and, in ’08, made it into my main worldbuilding site. I think that move was okay, but now that I am beginning to actually have some settings that I can cover in greater detail, I wonder if one general blog is such a good idea.

Instead, I imagine one generic worldbuilding-and-sundries blog and then one blog per setting. At first, that would be a blog about the science fiction setting.

Alternatively, it may make sense to keep all blog posts here – since they are usually about design as much as they are about what is actually being designed – and then just have a dedicated and more static site for each setting, which could also link back here for posts that cover the setting.

What would you guys prefer? I’d really like your feedback – after all, this blog is for you as much as it is for myself.

5 thoughts on “Should I split this site up?

  1. On the one hand, I think clarity would help, on the other readership might drop off just because of the move. Then again, are they really reading if they drop off? I don’t know which would be better. If having separate blog spaces would help keep your thoughts clear then maybe splitting would be good.

  2. I say don’t split it up. Maybe consider sub-headings for various ideas/motifs much like you’ve already done with the different worlds. You could devote one area entirely to your star maps and everything that goes with them, then do another area for fantasy, and one for miscellaneous.
    Or go ahead and start other new blogs, but keep this one updated with news and links as the others progress so Enderra doesn’t go stagnant and lose readers. If people know this to be a good resource, they can then easily link to the new digs.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I still have not decided though. Looking at my stats – and I am not good at analyzing them – I think I have a large number of fly-by visitors who get here by random keywords buried deep on page 128 of google results, and people who get here because of the RPGA and forums I am active on. I’d be surprised if I had a stable core visitor base of more than a dozen people. 😉

    I think there are poll widgets for WordPress. I I’ll look into that and ask visitors “why do you come here” – see if they’re here for Worldbuilding, Fantasy, SF, or whatever.

  4. I think that’s a cool idea to widget visitors. Granted, not everyone is going to click, but it’s a start. It’s a safe bet that I’m a regular 🙂 or a regu-lurk if you will.

  5. A regulurka? Terrible pun!

    I do know some people actually read who never comment. I think this site has about 30-40 rss subscribers… so I think a dozen regular reader is probably pretty accurate. Hey regular readers – show of hands please? 😉

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