Additional Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

I created these last night – all of them are very quick & dirty; it was, so to speak, an insignia brainstorming session.

Insignia for minor nations
Insignia for minor nations

Some remarks:

A+B: I like these, but I feel they scream “Sweden in space”. That may be acceptable for a colony that was established for the Swedish, but I am not entirely sure I’d want it as a symbol for one of the interstellar nations. Still, a candidate for actual use.

C+D: Color variations. C is the Finnish version I guess. 😉

E: Not too fond of this, perhaps it could be used for a corporation, very small nation or an individual colony.

F: I like this one. Perhaps for the Thousand Worlds nation.

G+H: I also like this one. Colors could be changed, and perhaps the entire thing could be on a circular background or something. Definitely a candidate for actual use.

J+K: Not too fond of these.

M: Turkic/Islamic feel to this symbol. Could be used – I don’t hate it – but it doesn’t have a cool factor.

N: Sword impaling a planet – planet obviously would need work. I kinda like it, need to see how this comes out.

O+P:  Two slight variations; I prefer the aligned version (O) rather than the one with the stars at an angle. Again slightly Islamic/Turkic feel. Another candidate for actual use.


Here are some additional variants as suggested by Realmwright:

4 thoughts on “Additional Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

  1. I like B and C, perhaps on a silver diamond background. G and H I think would work better with a triangle of 5 pointed stars – they’re a bit busy as is. And I’d say combine E and M. M would look great on a black background. It could be the mark of the “evil” corporation Red Sun. E looks like a red sun rising over a black planet. M could also work as something similar. M makes me think of a space station behind a black planet and the red crescent is the massive star peeking around the horizon. I didn’t think of it until just now, but D would look cool with a black star. Maybe they’re a rebel faction of B and C. You could give them a very fitting name like Black Star.

  2. Thanks Chuck, I’ll create those variants later, then we can see what they actually look like!

  3. Update: C2 and D2 look great. I think D makes the perfect shadow for C. C is the noble, shining good example of what the fleet/federation/colonies want to be. D is the more base, aggressive, threatening underbelly. Black Star could be a merc coalition of officers turned assassins when their darker natures got them booted from the military. Think about it, highly trained and deadly dangerous ex-military who have zero qualms with doing the dirty work. Maybe they’re not all bad – some have deep PTSD issues and really can’t help it, some were always volatile, some are dangerous loose cannons that not even the coalition want around, and maybe there’s one guy, or a handful who regularly interact but don’t know the truth about the others, who are undercover. Think the Departed and the Bourne movies. This stuff writes itself! I like EM too. That could be it’s own story. A mining corporation called Red Sun owns the space station that oversees the operation of ore extraction from the planet. The station is supposed to stay within the shadow of the planet because to be exposed to the red giant star is certain death. Something goes wrong and they are now drifting out of the shadow and doomed if things aren’t set right to avoid catastrophe. Because saving or abandoning the station is now the primary concern, ore mining on the surface has been halted. Because there’s no ore, there’s no cash flow. Because there’s no cash flow and no ore, no one cares to step in to help save this one corporate outpost when another can simply wait for them to disintegrate and then they’ll move in to take over. Maybe Corporation B is responsible for the sabotage leading to the eventual death of their competitor. Maybe they hired Black Star to engineer the whole thing. I could go on and on, but I think I’m eaten my comment allowance 🙂

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