Naga Demon

I usually take part in NaNoWriMo in November. However, this year I decided I should do something a little different: Naga Demon.

Naga Demon is the “National Game Design Month”. The goal is to create a game, and play it – even if you do it by yourself.

That’s much more reasonable than trying to write 1667 words – on average – every day after work.

My Goals are, specifically:

  • Write star ship construction rules
  • Write star system generation rules
  • Write trade system rules
  • Run a small tramp freighter through a small star cluster until she made a fortune or runs out of money…

And yes, those are all things I can use for the development of my science fiction setting. As a big bonus… I will try to finally decide on a name for the setting.

3 thoughts on “Naga Demon

  1. We’ve already established that I will do any game testing you need. I’m asking friends at work if they’d be interested at well. Best of luck, bud.

  2. I never thought names would be that much of a problem. But I’ve had the same working title for my game for weeks now, and I just can’t think of anything better…

  3. Thanks, realmwright!

    Shorty, I have always had problems finding good names but naming a science fiction setting is turning out to be the hardest thing ever. A fantasy world can always be named using some made-up word (“Enderra” – I did not realize it was actually a rare female name).

    For a science fiction setting, however… it seems that everything that’s fairly generic and even remotely well-sounding has been used 30 years ago.

    And if you include finding a matching .com domain in the process, it’s not getting any easier.

    I can now understand why branding is done by highly-paid professionals; it’s hard.

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