I’ve started slowly, mostly because I had other things to do.

Most of my time spent, so far, has been on research – I already had some notes, and I haven’t incorporated everything in this very basic first document either, but anyway, it’s a start.

I’ve decided that I will upload the state of my document every time I post a status update to my blog. I encourage you to download it and very much would welcome feedback, but don’t expect anything “usable” for a while.

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2 thoughts on “Naga Demon Update 1

  1. Looks good so far. Something else to consider is where the ships dock; planetside or to some kind of space station. Planetary ships would have to have a design that works in atmosphere. Perhaps as an example, look at Serenity: it was meant to be lived on for weeks/months at a time. Something that always bugged me about the Millenium Falcon is that there was very little room to move around.

  2. Yeah. The Millenium Falcon is clearly not a long-endurance craft.

    The document was just a very basic outline – but thanks for checking, I do appreciate it.

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