The setting formerly known as “Voyagers” now has an official name.

I spent a long, long time debating this (and I am sure I really got on the nerves of the few people I bothered with the big naming question) before settling on “Somnium”.

Somnium is Latin for “The Dream” – appropriate for a science fiction setting that deals with the – probably overly optimistic – assumption that we will discover an FTL drive and colonize the galaxy.

It was also the title of a book written by Johannes Kepler (yes, the Kepler) which describes a voyage to the moon. Written in the 1600s, the book is more of a fantasy story from our modern point of view – but it was meant as a serious work, and ultimately could be described as one of the first works of Science Fiction.

It will likely be next to impossible to get a good domain name (and so on) for Somnium – I already checked – but the situation isn’t much better with anything else I came up with. And quite honestly I am getting tired of referring to it as “My Science Fiction Universe”. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Somnium

  1. What do you think of Somnium Stellarum? It’s Latin for “Dream of the Stars”. Could you find a domain for that? Somnium Aetheres is “Dream of the Skies” or Aetherium Somnium is “Ethereal Dream”. Just thought I’d take the Latin thing and run with it.

  2. Some variations are possible, but the shorter a domain, the better. – Also, I’d need to be sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes in the Latin. 🙂

  3. What about for the domain? I just checked it and all I could find is that it’s a username for a fanfic writer.

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