Northern Continent, WIP 3

3rd WIP of the Northern Continent map:

map01h-smallI’ve added two layers (the “high mountains” layer is very unfinished though – it’s obvious where more detail is needed) as well as adding a lot of detail to the existing layers. Click on the image for a 2048px wide version. I’m fairly happy with how this map is turning out, if I may say so myself…

3 thoughts on “Northern Continent, WIP 3

  1. lovely choice of colours on those elevations, really makes it look like an atlas. great stuff

  2. Thanks Nathan. (I stole the colors, since I am colorblind 🙂

    BTW: Akismet flagged you as spam for some weird reason. No idea what you can do about that, but thought that might be of interest to you. (Luckily Enderra doesn’t get a lot of spam, and so I actually check the few flagged ones, but if that happened on a high-spam-volume block I’d never have noticed and thus lost your comment).

  3. The colors really do bring it to life. You have a knack for seeing the unseen on a blank landmass. That’s one of my greatest struggles with mapping. There is something very alluring about the long, narrow valley hidden in the mountains. Can I live there?

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