Creature: Moon Ghosts

I was seventeen when I first saw them. I had spent a late evening at a friend’s place – Fridays were D&D nights – and was on my way home. The streets were dark, the full moon blanketed out by dark, thick clouds. The city I lived in was peaceful and quiet, almost no crime rate, and so the darkness was rather cozy than threatening. There was not another living soul out in the streets.

I crossed a small park and came upon the suburb’s market place, a wide, open space bordered by the tiny, newly-reconstructed town hall to my right and the library to my left. As I neared the middle of the square the clouds opened and silver moonlight shone down through the gaps, in wide, silvery beams. I halted, taking in the pale, otherworldly beauty and thought how different a familiar, busy place looked under the circumstances.

It took me a while to notice that I was not, after all, alone. A man stood next to the library, a tall man in light clothes. He was watching me, which felt a bit weird, but I didn’t think too much of it. I averted my eyes and resumed my walk, when I thought I saw a streak of light to my right. Again I halted and looked. There, in front of the townhall, stood another man, white clothes, shiny in the moonlight. There was something very peculiar about these two, I thought, and again resumed my walk.

I saw the next two men as I reached the main road. They stood on the other side, and again they looked in my direction. They were perfectly still, but I kept looking at them as I walked, and I thought that their heads turned to follow me. It was then that I realized what had bothered me about the men – not their white suits or their pale skin, no, it was that none of them seemed to have any hair on their heads whatsoever.

By now my nerves were rattled quite considerably. I was faced with something unknown and, at least to my youthful imagination, unknowable. Who were these men, and why were they watching me?

I kept walking, my pace now quickening. No longer did the moonlit city seem beautiful, it was menacing, cold, alien. I expected to be jumped from the shadows at any time. And I passed several more of the men, all just standing there, watching me. They did not follow me and indeed, none of them moved at all. None spoke. I kept to my side of the road and forced myself not to break into a run. Finally – the East street which would lead me home. I glanced around, to see several of the men still watching me.

As I turned into East street I stopped dead in my tracks. There they were again, three of them. Two on the other side of the road, and one on mine. Should I walk around? Should I pass them? So far, none of them had been hostile. And as I realized this, I told myself that I should man up, these were just regular people – And I was being a scared chicken.

I took a deep breath and resumed walking. As I got closer, I was able to see the man’s features in more detail. He had no hair at all, not even a beard, nor eyebrows. His suit looked like any other white suit, but as I came closer I noticed subtle differences. There seemed to be no pockets in his jacket, no buttons, and no seams. Jacket, shirt, pants and shoes each seemed to be made of one piece, more moulded than sewn. His eyes were the worst about him – they were dark, almost inky black, and they stared at me intently.

I had closed in to about ten meters when a shadow fell on me. I looked behind me, then up, and saw that the dark clouds were pushing in front of the full moon again. I quickly looked back, as I realized I had let myself be distracted, fearing that the men had watched to find just such a moment of opportunity. The man was no longer in front of me. I looked to my left – the ones on the other side of the road had vanished as well. I spun around, but I could discern no trace of them anywhere.

I finally broke into that run. I was now too frightened to think. I ran down East street, turned down into my small side street. I fumbled with the lock, ran up the stairs and into my room, making sure that all curtains were closed and all lights turned on. I never did see the men again, but I took no chances – I’m never leaving home again on a night of a full moon.

When you are young and have an active imagination you sometimes dream the weirdest things. I woke up one morning thinking that I had been chased home the previous night by ghostly figures, and only gradually realized that it had all been just a dream.

Moon Ghosts are strange spirits that only show up on nights when the full moon’s rays touch the earth. They descend from Luna and if you are attentive, you can catch them as they fall – it looks a little bit like a glob of moonlight, silvery-sparkling, a shooting star that silently hits the ground. Where it touches, a moon ghost appears – immobile, immaterial and always silent. They watch, and wait, and they will not harm or interfere with the real world. Indeed you could pass right through them if you are brave, though the sensation is exceedingly unpleasant. If you look away when you are too close, they will disappear.

Their true intentions, and indeed if they have any, are unknown. The Tome of Forbidden Knowledge states that they are the disembodied spirits of a people who lived on Earth’s moon eons ago, but as with all information found in the Tome this has to be taken with a great deal of skepticism.



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