RPG Blog Carnival – Unusual Dungeons – Wrap-Up

May comes to an end, and so does the Unusual Dungeons RPG Blog Carnival.

After a somewhat slow start, we’ve had a number of submissions:

James Introcaso was the most prolific contributor this month, supplying us with a series about a prison for dragons:

And from myself:

Phil, from Tales of a GM, is taking over for June – with the appropriate subject “Summerland” (Summer in RPGs). Take it away, Phil!

(And of course, if you’d like to read up on past carnivals or check on future subjects, head on over to the RPGBA Carnival archive page.)

5 thoughts on “RPG Blog Carnival – Unusual Dungeons – Wrap-Up

  1. I was randomly searching things about nuclear fallout shelters, and I find a link that goes to your site about that NaNoWriMo novel thing. I read through like 20 postes before I desided to jump to this area. I was shocked speechless. How many years have you been writing in this blog! It’s really rather hard for me to imagine. I’m only 16. So here I am looking around this blog that was only 7 years younger than me. The concept of that was pretty hard to get around my head, in fact I’m still thinking about it. I think this blog is cool, even if it says the last post was made one year ago, I sort of just want to start reading from the beginning! I hope you… I’m not sure what I hope for. Ha I am just ranting now, but before I go, this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

  2. Sorry for the late reply, seems I got no notification for this and – as you might have noticed – I am not very active on here anymore. I moved part of my worldbuilding (the sci fi stuff) to contactlight.net.

    Anyway, I started working on Enderra (the world) in 1992, and after I stopped playing D&D I kind of just started to do world building in general. Hope you found some entertaining stuff on here!

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