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I wasn’t really happy with Elbee-Elgee. It’s a nice theme, but the actual text layout was just messed up – and far too much effort to fix. So I’ve switched to yet another theme, twenty-eleven. I discovered that it had a “showcase” subtheme, if you will, which seems useful as a blog/start page.

  • It lists all Asides in the sidebar
  • Only shows one full article, plus several links for recent posts
  • I’ve moved recent commetns and twitter links to the bottom of the page

I kinda think this is good because it’s less of a “wall of text”. On the other hand, separating out the asides may be a bit confusing… Let me know what you guys think!

I’ve switched to use Elbee Elgee. It’s not perfect, but a lot better (in some ways) than what I had. Please let me know if there are any problems (I’ve just fixed the issue with the RSS not validating.) – thanks!

It seems the facebook “Username” was taken (Hmm, how’s that possible if I own so I picked the Facebook Username EnderraBlog. Next step… fix the RSS import. If you are so inclined I’d still appreciate a Like 🙂

Weee. Since I installed WordPress Stats in late June 2011, I got a total of 20,811 page views. Let’s take that as breaching the 20k milestone – Neat! – Thank you all for visiting!

I had to remove the IntenseDebate plugin, as you may have noticed. The reason is that the plugin’s JavaScript code obviously poisoned my keywords, according to Google Webmaster Tools. Too bad, really, since I liked the plugin. I’ll have to find something that’s a bit more traditional, that is, integrates with WordPress instead of sitting on top of it in JavaScript. If anybody has any recommendations, let me know..!

Reorganized World Building Links

I’ve split up the world building resources page into several sub-pages; the main page just got too big and unwieldy.

If you have any additional links that could be of interest, please let me know – I’d love to hear about sites you find useful, and I will add anything that is of general utility to this collection.

The new sub pages are:


What I’m up to

I thought I’d give you a little update on current projects and status. The past year or so has been a little hard on me “in the real world” but all that is sorted out now and things are on the up again. On the other hand, it hasn’t left me so much time for world-building: Besides my new real-life job keeping me busy, NaNoWriMo ate up a lot of free time in November. That’s done and over, and with the holidays coming up I should have a good amount of time to write and build.

  • My Wacom tablet needs to be replaced, but I am not yet sure which one to get, and what size. They get expensive really quickly once you go beyond A6. I have some maps to draw!
  • I’ve been consolidating settings. At least two, probably three, and perhaps four of my worlds will be merged – details to follow…
  • I am totally into science fiction right now. This comes from reading everything H. Beam Piper that Gutenberg and Librivox could throw at me, but it is also related to finally playing role-playing games again; in this case we’re up to our ears in the Star Wars Saga Edition. I’m playing a shard in an IG-86 chassis with a severe identity crisis.
  • I’d like to complete short “world books” for what I consider my main worlds. Say something on the order of 48 pages each.
  • With the death of and the disappearance of Paul of the Shakespeare & Dragon podcast, I’d like to expand to include more how-to’s, more discussion, more interactivity. This is more of a long-term goal, we’re definitely talking mid-2010 here. Anybody who’d like to get in on this, drop me a line…