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A few years ago, around the time I first started this blog, Paul Stark created a series of Podcasts dealing with story-centric worldbuilding. Unfortunately Shakespeare & Dragons faded and died, and now even the website is gone. This is a shame because it was a good show, with great advice for writers and gamers alike.

To prevent the show from becoming lost, I decided to create an archive here (with Paul’s blessing). As of March 2018, all of the MP3-files are now hosted on Google Drive.

What’s Missing: I do not provide the two-part episode on monster building, because it was only available to donors and I have no permission from Paul to share those files.

  • Episode 1 – World of the Story
  • Episode 2 – Power of Tone and Emotional Effects on the Story World
  • Episode 3 – Economy of the World and the Needs of the Characters
  • Episode 4 – Objectives of Worldbuilding and an Introduction to the Designer’s Workshop
  • Episode 5 – Premise of Your Story World
  • Episode 6 – Thematic Subjects of Your Story World
  • Episode 7 – Character Design Using Your Thematic Subjects
  • Episode 8 – Plot Part One, Shapes and Structure
  • Episode 9 – Plot Part Two, Scene Construction and a Look at the Worldbuilding of The Incredibles
  • Episode 10 – Plot Part Three, Structuring Plot from Character Desires and Forces of Antagonism
  • Episode 11 – Plot Part Three, Structuring Plot from Character Desires and Forces of Antagonism
  • Episode 12 – Setting Part One, Geography, Power Structures and Culture
  • Episode 13 – Setting Part Two, Creating Cultural Attributes
  • Episode 14 – Setting Part Three, Using Image Systems
  • Episode 15 – The Party
  • Episode 16 – The Missing Ingredient

The following are PDF exports from the original Shakespeare & Dragons website – they’re not very pretty but they’ll do. I will prettify them eventually, one after the other, as time permits.

These firefly diagrams are for show #15.

Big “Thank you!” to Paul for creating the show and of course for authorizing this archive!

20 thoughts on “Shakespeare & Dragons Podcast

  1. Thanks so much for this (and of course Thanks to Paul for his brilliant podcast: I hope all has been going well with his own art and story work: I hope he's able to update us soon). I also hope that Paul gives permission to post the Monster design two-parter: this all really deserves to be preserved and studied!

  2. Any word on the Monster podcasts? Thanks again to you, and to Paul, for this!

  3. No, unfortunately no news on the Monster podcast. I have it, but Paul hasn’t given permission to put it up, so of course I won’t. As for the archive – you are most welcome 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting these! I’ve really missed the show and realized that I lost my files.

    Though podcasts 10 and 13 seem to be broken! 404 pages ahoy.

  5. Thanks for the tip Casey. I am sure I tested all links when I posted them – I’ll re-upload #10 and #13 elsewhere and relink them.

  6. I’ve uploaded #10 and #13 to Google Drive, links are pointing there now. Works for me (logged out, of course) but let me know if there are any problems.

  7. Great resource! I have all this on my phone now, and listen to it on my commute. Very inspiring.

  8. I don’t know if it is just me but even the Google Drive links aren’t working for me now… Any chance of re-hosting 10 and 13 in some other way? I would very much appreciate it if you could, and are still around. 🙂

  9. Just got to episode 12, and the file cuts out around 28:00 and comes in and out. Is the file corrupted somehow?

  10. Ruby, the problems are in the original file; I did not re-listen to the entire thing but the file I downloaded years ago has the same weird issues as the one I’ve linked to in the post.

  11. Any change you still have this podcast hidden somewhere to host the same way as you’ve done for 10/13/16 ? Thought about it again recently and was excited to listen to it again, but all the libsyn links are dead D:

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